First Time, Agricultural Research Tour from Hong Kong &
50th Anniversary of OISCA Shikoku Training Center, Participation

16th ~ 20th October 2017

Reported By OISCA International Hong Kong & Woody Garden Group

  OISCA International Hong Kong organized the Kagawa Prefecture Organic Agricultural Research Tour and participated in the 50th anniversary of OISCA Shikoku Training Center on 19th October together with two environmental group partners, namely Woody Garden and Surein Farm, from 16th to 20th October, 2017, with 15 participants representing Hong Kong.

  This event was held to do research and learn about Japanese agricultural technology and the participants were expected to learn some agricultural technology to improve the local environment agriculturally in Hong Kong. Actually, Hong Kong people are now more concerned about food safety, especially organic vegetables which are getting increasingly important to citizens and farmers alike. In that sense, the participants were expected to learn the Japanese style of agriculture: like how to manage and take care of the vegetables and also the marketing of the vegetables. The participants were able to learn a wide range of agricultural techniques like tool-using, mechanization, working spirit and marketing in Japan through their visits to the Tea associations, organic farms, fruit tree test plants, private farms, and the vegetable market etc. Through this program, they realized once again how the advanced nature of Japanese agricultural technology worked, and were really satisfied to have learned a lot about farming and agriculture. These experiences, hopefully, would make a big further step to the advancement of Hong Kong's agriculture in the days to come.

  Over 500 participants joined hands there and became friends in the 50th anniversary of Shikoku training center. Our representatives came to know many OISCA friends too, and were greatly touched by the hospitality of the OISCA family spirit. They got many words of appreciation and joy too.

  We visited the Shikoku training on 16th October. The trainees, who were the representatives from the developing countries, would surely continue being trained well and hard to bear the burden for the next era while cooperating with each other, overcoming the differences in ethnicity, religion, and language. We are sure that they would work for a brighter future.

  Other than the above promising results, Hong Kong and Shikoku, Kagawa are expected to exchange the characteractics of "香"(fragrance) in the near future. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express my greatest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who had participated, contributed and taken care of this program.

 Report - Photo Album

   -  Visited OISCA Shikoku Training Center.
   -  Introduction of OISCA Vision & Mission.
   -  Wellcome Party & Exchange.




   -  Introduced Hong Kong Deregation at the reception participated around 500 peoples.